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About the Brand Grain N Grace

We take pride in our BRC Certification, a testament to our commitment to quality, safety and hygiene. This certification underlines our dedication to delivering products that meet the highest global standards, giving you complete confidence in every Grain N Grace purchase. We, backed by professionals with more than decade’s experience in the industry, develops, manufactures and markets innovative and quality bakery ingredients offering exceptional performance and delightful in Customer experience. Led by creativity, our Product Innovation Department ensures to use cutting edge technology in developing new products and customer friendly processes to bake the best delicacies.

BRCGSOur motto is to exceed the customer expectation through quality consciousness and consistency. Aspiring to become a global brand, We constantly strive hard to discover and implement new baking ideas. We include carefully selected ingredients to establish our brand which values honesty that brings reliability. we are offering expertise to the retail, industrial and artisan bakers. Baking is an art that requires the right ingredients we at Grain ‘N’ Grace make sure to fulfill this at wheels online casino.

Your journey to easy breakfast begins with us. Our 1Minute batter powders have revolutionized mornings, but that's just the beginning. Crafted to perfection, our 1Minute batter powders allow you to prepare authentic South Indian breakfast from golden crispy dosas to soft idlis and delectable appams. We have simplified the process without compromising on taste or nutrition. With essential probiotics packed in, you're not just starting your day with a healthy and easy breakfast, but nourishing your body too.

Why Us?

At Grain ’N’ Grace, we pride ourselves on the efficacy of our products. So the answer to the question, why you should choose us, would be to try us one time.

Whether it is a basic product like a bread improver or a fancy glaze, you can be sure that the results will leave you awed. And what’s more, you will get the same, perfect results each time you use our products.

Because we leave no room for error. Our R&D team makes sure of that. What’s more, you can rest assured that you stay on top of culinary and baking trends with our ever-evolving range of products. Tried our coffee cake yet?

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