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Baking is as much an art as it is science. And at Grain ’N’ Grace, we put a lot of thought and research into striking the perfect balance between the two. Our focus is customer-driven and we know that every ingredient matters when it comes to creating the finest of baked goods. For us, R&D is not just another department but the soul of our operations. Because baking is not a discipline that takes kindly to errors of judgment. We ensure that your baked goodies will always turn out just perfect because we invest time and expertise into intensive research.


Each product from the Grain ’N’ Grace fold is designed to make your baking and culinary enterprises fail-safe. You can rest assured that each product will deliver exactly what it promises, be it fluffy muffins or gooey lava cakes. Our products, which includes flour mixes, concentrates, glazes, decorative fillings and more, are used extensively across countries in Europe and Asia. Need we add that we have more than a decade of expertise in conceptualising, innovating and manufacturing products vital to the baking industry.

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At Grain ’N’ Grace, we pride ourselves on the efficacy of our products. So the answer to the question, why you should choose us, would be to try us one time. Whether it is a basic product like a bread improver or a fancy glaze, you can be sure that the results will leave you awed. And what’s more, you will get the same, perfect results each time you use our products. Because we leave no room for error. Our R&D team makes sure of that. What’s more, you can rest assured that you stay on top of culinary and baking trends with our ever-evolving range of products. Tried our coffee cake yet?

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