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Baking Powder – Double Acting (100g)

Baking Powder – Double Acting (100g)

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Baking powder is a fundamental ingredient in baking. Whether you're whipping up cakes, muffins, or pancakes, this baking powder guarantees consistent, reliable results. Its double-acting formulas starts reacting when combined with liquid, helping your batters rise for a light and airy texture. Baking will be easier and better with this high-quality powder. Whether you're preparing pancakes, cookies, or a traditional cake, baking powder is an essential ingredient found in your kitchen that adds the magic touch to your culinary delights.

Baking powder is used as a raising agent in different baking applications. It consists of both slow-acting and quick-acting leavening acids and it’s absolutely free from aluminium-based leavening agents. Buy Baking Powder Now!

  • No need for additional raising agents
  • Makes cakes, cookies, etc.
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