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Black Forest Cake Mix (250g)

Black Forest Cake Mix (250g)

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A Black Forest cake mix is a convenient and delicious way to create the classic Black Forest cake at home. A ready mix for making egg-based chocolate sponge cakes with good volume, extra softness, fine texture, extra dark color, and great chocolate flavor. To prepare a Black Forest cake using Grain N Grace cake mix powder, you'll typically need to add wet ingredients such as eggs, water, Milk, and oil according to the instructions on the packaging. The package offers a 50g whipped topping cream mix as well for the preparation of black forest pastries. It's an ideal choice for making black forest pastries at home. Buy Black Forest Cake Mix Now!

  • Easy to Prepare 
  • Suitable for both oven and pressure cooker
  • Good Volume 
  • Excellent sponge texture
  • Luscious dark colour
  • Delectable chocolatey taste     
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