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Two Palappam Batter Bundle

Two Palappam Batter Bundle

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This bundle includes two portions of Palappam batter for making traditional South Indian pancakes. Each portion yields about 8 pancakes. The batter is freeze-dried, meaning it will stay fresh for up to a year when stored in a cool, dry place. Enjoy freshly-made Palappam pancakes anytime with this convenient bundle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is 1 Minute batter powders differ from other market available products?

Our 1 Minute products provide
ultimate convenience and value for money to the customers. It saves time by avoiding soaking, grinding and fermenting and the powder presentation of the product avoids wastage unlike the liquid batters.

How much batter can be prepared from 500g batter powder?

We can make 1.5 Litre batter

How many dosa can be prepared from 500g batter powder?

Approximately 30 dosa can be

Is the product highly prized?

As we can make approximately 1.5lit
of batter from one pack of 500g powder, this is an economic choice for the

Is there any preservative added to the batter powder?

No preservatives added.

How do we get longer shelf life without preservatives?

The shelf life is possible because
it is in the powder form. As the water content is almost nil, it increases the overall shelf life of the batter powders.

Do we need to keep the batter powder in refrigerator?

No refrigeration is required. It can
be kept under normal conditions.

Do we need to boil chutney powder in water?

No, we need to add only warm water to the chutney powder.

Do we need to wait for fermenting the batter after adding water?

No, we can make the dosa/appam or idli straight away once the batter is prepared.

How is it possible to avoid fermentation?

Because of the invention of Sour
Batter Technology. The fermentation process is addressed through this process which saves time for the customers.

How is it convenient for the customers?

There is no restriction of time or
quantity. We can make even one dosa that too even on the middle of the night. It is equally useful for housewives, working professionals, bachelors, students